About Liguorian

Editorial Mission of Liguorian

Liguorian conveys a consistent joyful message of God’s plentiful redemption. In its tone and selection of material, it communicates a timely pastoral message to Catholics on matters of the faith, practices, Christian living, and social justice in order to continue their conversion to Christ.  Liguorian represents the best of the Catholic Tradition. While not championing positions contrary to core Church belief:

  • it reflects the complex and rich nature of Catholicism found in its institutions and individuals
  • it respects the ways by which men and women receive, examine, and pass on the Christian faith
  • it exposes its readers to the best elements of Catholic spirituality in order to help them navigate the contemporary world assisted by their faith

A little about the Liguorian audience:

Liguorian readers fall into these categories: grandparents who love to take care of their grand toddlers; middle-aged boomers: a group of readers who represent all careers, and younger readers–usually married and beginning their families. These are men and women who appreciate the mass and sacraments (especially the Eucharist) have a devotional life, and are interested in learning more about their faith. (Their Catholic faith is important to them, and we receive a healthy dose of Mail/Letters to the Editor when we publish something they don’t agree with!)

Rooted in the vision of St. Alphonsus and the Redemptorists, Liguorian has an optimistic view of the human person. The work of conversion to Christ has moral, intellectual, physical, and spiritual elements, in short it’s for the entire person.

Liguorian provides practical direction for Catholics in a rapidly changing world. We seek to publish practical articles that educate and inform in language that’s easy to understand.