Parish Preaching Program

The Liguorian Parish Preaching Program, offers the opportunity to have a Redemptorist engage your parishioners in a homily emphasizing sacred Scripture—”Growth in Faith Through Catholic Reading and Liguorian.”

Liguorian reinforces parish education, extending the teachings you give in the pulpit, parish office, confessional, and classroom with articles written in the kind of language people understand. Liguorian bears the pastoral tone of the Redemptorists and brings instruction to individuals at their own pace.

A Redemptorist preacher covers all the weekend Masses and shares with parishioners the opportunity to learn about Liguorian—a pastoral and trusted publication celebrating 100+ years serving Catholics. Parishioners are invited to enhance their faith through sound Catholic reading and support the mission and ministry of Redemptorists by subscribing to Liguorian. Subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate and collected using an envelope placed in the pew prior to Mass.

For more information or to arrange for a Redemptorist to visit your parish, contact Fr. Joseph Curalli at or call 1-636-223-1447.