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Don't Sit On the Torpedo

“Don’t Sit on the Torpedo!”

By Richard C. Lukas Recalling a courageous priest and the dogs of war that washed onto an American shore during WWII Mike sat with his wife, Marita, on the balcony of their condominium overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and reminisced about their childhood. Marita reminded him with a touch of envy,...

The Nights the Parents Played

By Ronica Stromberg That day I had been attacked by a pack of rabid wolves, held at gunpoint by a mad cowboy, stabbed by a samurai, and dive-bombed by a deranged dictator. I couldn’t be more bored. I tossed aside my game controller and said to Sam and Liz, “Let’s...

Trees Must Bend


Kate tore the letter open eagerly. Letters from Dan were few and far between. Her eyes scanned the page in one fell swoop, looking for danger. Then her face relaxed and she went back to read for details. Kate always read letters from her children that way. She supposed all mothers did. It was the same way she looked her children over on the first meeting after a long separation. The kids called it “Mom’s assessment.” They joked about it, but they knew better than to try to hide anything from Mom.

Kate read as intently as she listened; picking up clues, probing for more. Letters, thought Kate, are very unsatisfactory, and she went back and reread the brief letter once more. Her face was troubled when she finally laid the letter down on the table in front of her. I have to show this to Ben, she thought. It’s not right to keep Dan’s letters from him. He loves Dan just as I do, and I would never forgive him if he kept a letter from me. 

But Dan’s letters were becoming increasing foreign to both of them.