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Liguorian March 2020

The Glorious Mysteries: A Meditative Guide to Easter

As we live out the mysteries of our faith during the approaching Easter season, the rosary offers a beautiful, meditative guide, inviting us to reconsider specific events and revisit familiar themes of salvation history. Journeying through Lent toward Easter, we have yearned to see Jesus rise triumphantly above a world...

Unlocking Cages

Daffodils are emerging, blossoms are appearing on trees, and I’m due for my first bike ride of the year. It’s spring, a time of release—from the cold ground, from secret places in branches, from the dusty garage. It is also, of course, the season we celebrate Easter, when Jesus rose...

Nature’s Reminders

Lilies are the perfect flowers for Easter. Since the 1920s, when they were first introduced in the United States, they have become a symbol of Easter. For many, their strong fragrance and striking appearance are synonymous with the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord. But did you know that...

Easter: Love’s Triumph Over Death

Written by Wendy M. Wright April 2001 Easter is a hope that death will not sever the bonds of love, that loss of one another here does not mean loss of one another forever. Click here to read the entire article