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Know Your Bible Quiz Answer Key for February 2011

1-R (Gen 14:19); 2-S (Ex 15:20); 3-E (Gen 8:4); 4-X (Gen 42:19–24); 5-K (Gen 5:24);6-J (1 Kings 19:19); 7-I (Gen 30:21); 8-U (Num 12:3); 9-O (Num 20:25–29); 10-T (Gen 22:2); 11-H (1 Kings 18:20–39); 12-P (Ex 3:1–2); 13-D (Gen 2:19); 14-N (Lev 2:11); 15-C (Jn 2:1–11); 16-B (Acts 18:11); 17-Q...

Living on Borrowed Time

 We cannot help but live and think in the context and concept of time. Our language is laced with it, our days are organized by it. We might even feel harassed or oppressed by it. The clock tells us when to get up, when to go to work, to church, or to some social event. It imposes limits on what we can do. Time steadily continues, tick-tick-tick, never missing a beat. The next day or week or year arrives right on schedule.