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Mindfully Catholic

Stressed out? Deepen your relationship with Jesus with practical methods of prayer. Stephen Muff Every year since 2007, the American Psychological Association has surveyed the country’s anxiety. This year broke the record. Americans are seeking remedies. More and more, people are turning toward the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, New Age...

The Romance of Lent

The Romance of Lent

Prayer: The Deep Breath of Reflection Pope Francis says we must also cultivate time for prayer, “interior space,” amid our daily lives. And he has in mind something more than saying a few occasional prayers, or devotions such as the rosary. He envisions something in addition to the liturgical life...

The Mail

Thanks to one statement in Fr. Dennis J. Billy’s article (March 2015), I can admit during the time that I was a nonpracticing Catholic, my experience of “foretasting of heaven” started. My first “intense experience of the divine” was in 2002, when I was driven to my heavenly home by...

Vigils: A Timeless Way to Experience God

Vigils: A Timeless Way to Experience God

Christians keep vigils. They give us an important way to live our faith daily. They allows us to reshape time, put down the clock and encounter God. To keep vigil means that we have a purpose for watching and waiting. To be vigilant requires a level of endurance and patience. It invites us into...

A Profound form of Prayer

A Profound Form of Prayer

Contemplation is one of the most profound, yet often misunderstood, types of prayer in the Christian tradition. Profound because it plumbs the depths of the human soul and exposes it in silence before the mystery of God. Misunderstood because many of us mistakenly believe it pertains to a select few, not ordinary people like us....

Remembering the Pillars

July-August 2014 Prayer is the glue that binds the body of Christ to its head and its members to each other. My grandmother looms large in my childhood memories. She spent her summers out on the farm, helping us pick and prepare, can and freeze a year’s worth of produce....

My Conversation With God

I am finally getting what prayer is. On a recent weekend retreat to the beautiful Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House in Gloucester, Massachusetts, I spent a lot of time in adoration in the lovely chapels.
One evening as I sat with the Lord, I tried to quiet the turmoil within me.  God does not need a lot of words, I told myself.  He already knows what’s in your heart and what your needs are.   I remembered the advice of a wonderful retreat leader from several years back.   He said just tell God you love him and thank him.   So instead of reciting learned prayers and a list of petitions, I said, “I love you,” and then added “thank you.”  I concluded with “I’m sorry.”  I sat quietly for a while and then imagined God’s response to my prayer.   “I love you, too”, and “you’re welcome,” he replied. And he ended with words that soothed my soul: “you’re forgiven.”
I knew I must have been on to something because I felt immediate peace.  Not the “flooding of peace” that you sometimes hear about when people say they have had an encounter with God, but a restful peace.  It was release and relief, a let go of some of the hurt within me.  Tears came—a lot of tears.  I remember the wetness as they flowed down my cheeks and onto my neck.  I did not feel the need to wipe them away, nor did I feel any embarrassment that others in the chapel would notice.  Something special had happened and the tears were a testimony. 
A little while later I went into Mary’s Chapel in the next room.  I pulled out my journal and wrote down my prayer.  Could it be that simple I wondered?  Yes.  Yes, it was that simple.  I did not always have to go into a lot of detail when I spoke with God.  Sometimes you may want or need to be specific but other times you are tired and your lists are too long and you worry about forgetting things.

Contemplative Places of Prayer

Kathy is a wife, the mother of three boys, and a full-time nurse. She and her husband lead a full life. Much of their time is filled with evening practices and weekend games related to the boys’ sports activities. The couple dreams of taking a family vacation. Like many people,...

Retreat Yourself and Recharge Your Soul

 As I was sitting in prayer one Tuesday morning after spending the previous evening in Urgent Care, I began to wonder what God was trying to tell me. Here I was at home when I should have been attending a three-day meeting with personnel from different retreat centers. It only took me a few seconds to hear God’s message. “Slow down!” God was shouting in that quiet voice only God can use.