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Christmas: God is For Us and With Us

Written by Kathy Coffey Originally published in December 2000 Surveying the wreckage of our world, the failures and disappointments in our personal life, we may overlook the evidence that God is for us. Seeking such evidence can be a fruitful Advent project. For us, as for the Magi, the search...


A Positive Approach to Sex

Published July 1966 Teens on Target Section Written in response to a reader’s letter~ The big difficulty with sex in the modern world is not its quantity but its quality. Everwhere you look there are a million contradictions. In the books and movies you are told it’s great! It’s glorious...

Let’s go back in time…

More than 100 years in publication yields a lot of content! Join us for Throwback Thursdays to trek back in time and see how Liguorian has always been in line with what’s relevant.

Birth Control: What did the Council Say?

Published April 1966 The Liguorian editors continue to receive letters from obviously sincere people asking questions about birth control. A very common question is: “What did the Ecumenical Council actually say about birth control?” Click here to read the entire article.